Doga Tohumculuk was established in 1995. Being a leading company of Turkish potato industry, Doga Tohumculuk is a supplier for lots of well known companies in the world with its 150.000 tons production capacity. On Gulsehir road we have 120.000 ton storage capacity 6 different underground storages. Our company also founded 65 decares open and 7,5 decares closed Doga Frozen Food Facility in Gulsehir in 2011. The yearly capacity is 22.000 ton frozen potato under POMKING brand. With "Seed to Fork" principle our company being the first vertical integration company in Turkey started to manufacture high level local seeds with Plant Tissiue Laboratory and modern greenhouse investments and succeeded to carry Turkey from importer to exporter of Potato Seed. Our company is also Turkish Distributor of Miedema Company - Holland (Planter), Agrovent Company (Storage Project, Air Conditioning and Cooling Machines), AVR Company - Belgium (Harvester) and Norika from Germany and Gentech from Scotland.

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